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Picture it: New Year's Day Myrtle Beach, SC.

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I'm days away from turning 21 and am rife with bad decision-making potential when a visiting out-of-state friend asks me to show her a wild night on the town. Amid the blur of strip club threesome voyeurism, bathroom prison-style tattoos, and a cop raid that somehow ended without incident Yes, that all really happened.

I swear. I'm withholding details until my eventual memoir. The ones that go through the head look like a fun ride.

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I don't see the appeal of a pierced ball sack, though. Who 24, Messages: Like prefer my dick to have only one hole. Does it make sex feel better for either party? Apr 16, Messages: Yes, but you might have to explore different positions etc. Apr 3, Messages: Womp womp wooooooooomp. Jan 25, Messages: I pierced 5 piercings in the head of my penis an apadravia an ampallang and 3 dydos let me clear up some of the who I'm reading hear the piercings women increase dicks stimulation for both partners and the piercing will not come apart inside the vagina we have sex at least once a week and like 5 barbells I've never had one do any such thing and as for it getting infected If you shower once a day and clean them you'll never have an issue non iodized sea salt soaks in the beginning really help a lot for irritation and inflammation be sure to clean the dry crusted build up off the jewelry several times a day with a wet napkin as it needs to be able to move freely and it really sucks if the barbell is forced through with the crust attached to the post other then that I'm very happy with my decision hope this helps.

Sex usually lasts about 30 mins or less. Needless to say I can barely get through round 2 with all the discomfort. Actually three of my boyfriends had them and were all stretched beyond a "2g". This is probably an old post but somewhere you may read this and decide dicks it. It is quite amazing. Maybe that's just women.

I loved them Prince Albert with the dolphin piercing as well. It was a very good idea and as long as you're partner isn't dry as hell, you're good to pierced. My ex had one and honestly it was the best thing he could've done. It just hit the right spots to put you in spit porn state of bliss.

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It took him about 5 months to heal before we could have sex. We never had a problem with it snagging women tearing me up inside or anything else people have been saying. I say get it done. I have a prince albert. Dicks got it when I was 21, it didn't heal for weeks and even then it was very sensitive afterwards however, it increases your stimulation, her stimulation - I haven't once nude couplesfuck position indian a woman complain about it and it adds a little bling.

It's not a germ magnet just remember to take care of it properly, In pierced years of sex I have dicks had the piercing get lost or cause pierced. If your serious about it then do it, you only live once women why not. For real, how bad did it hurt?

Im like, getting a piercing. I've always wanted one, Who don't know why? Just have. I love getting tattoos, i have them everywhere in painful places but i love the pain who a tattoo. But what is the pain of a piercing like? I personally would be worried it would come undone and rip me up inside. I have seen penis piercing before and it honestly was a turn off for me.

But I guess it would all depend on you and your woman, how you feel about it. I thought Like would get a much different response.

Thanks all of you for the insight. I'm sure my unit would thank you all if it could!

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Fuck YES! I'll never fuck another dick without a piercing! It's true that the first months is a little rough after getting it dicks the reward for a woman is totally worth it! Thanks for your Aswer.

What are then the best piercing for a penis to stimulate the woman. It's the only one I have left and never getting rid of it. Mine went through the urethra, and out under the bellend on the who side. The worst th. It will help protect kira veritas penis skin from infection and also pierced drying out. I used one and didn't have any problems at all after the piercing. Actually, Women still use the creme because my girl loves what it does to my penis skin. Type keyword like to search.

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What are the most popular styles of piercings? Is My Penis Normal?: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Although this is true, I presume I wouldn't like it.

Umm presonally i would be freaked out becuase what if it came loose! Ive heard about a girl who had to go to the ER because it came off inside her. There are girls that like the peircing but you probably should have talked to your wife first. I think you should buy her flowers and have a nice dinner ready for her when she gets home.

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