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Victor - external link: Fuck, yeah! The fate of all mankind now rests in the hands of special force unit "Team America", who puts their faith into the hands of Hollywood star Gary who is sent in alone as an undercover agent.

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The early "Cannibal! The Musical" and "Orgazmo" should only be known to a somewhat smaller fanbase. The uncut versions of "Orgazmo" as well as "Team America" were rated NC and was thus only suitable for young adults. Due to "Orgazmo" being released before the breakthrough of the two, Parker and Stone were somewhat limited in their options and had no major studio backing them up.

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So the uncut version was team in few cinemas; no R-Rated version exists to this day. This time, however, there were specific guidelines for censoring. The scenes pointed out by the MPAA are typical - and somewhat grotesque concerning the fact america is sex puppet movie. Exploding bodies, gory bullet wounds and the like slipped through without objection but uncut course a sex scene still with puppets, mind you had to be cut.

In the Unrated we see only the bed at first and Sarah enters the screen from above. Her butt can be seen a bit better, maybe this was the reason for the cut.

Team America World Police (Comparison: Theatrical Version - Unrated Version) -

Unrated 1,3 sec longer The Unrated contains a normal cut right before Sarah butt touches the bed. R-Rated 2,1 sec longer The Unrated switches to the cowgirl position first.

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Unrated 3,8 sec longer Due to the changeovers to the 69 and anal sex there is not much left of the sex sex. The Unrated switches from 69 to anal. R-Rated 1,8 sec longer This VHS release of the film is the theatrical release.

The DVD uncut has the theatrical release and also the original uncut version. The original uncut version contains team extended puppet sex scene and a lot of other scenes as well. The special features section has deleted scenes. America the Unrated Version, the puppet sex scene is extended. Edit page.

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