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And though this series overall has a decidedly vanilla tone, a few of the titles tackle some relatively taboo topics — anal play for heterosexual-identified men, BDSM, and female ejaculation, for example.

The possibility for tacit permission through feelings of comfort is interesting.

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Also interesting is who participates — who educates, who discusses and who demonstrates. Demonstrations come from professional performers, some of whom are couples in sex private lives or at least they were at the time of filming. Discussion often comes from the performers who are about to be demonstrators. Sherri L. Adults Size. As ofvideos 13 states require sex ed to be medically accurate.

Her alternative sex education teaches her a few new tricks:. This one is easy: Thirty-seven states mandate that abstinence be covered, and in some cases "stressed," despite evidence that abstinence education isn't effective—it's correlated with an increase in teen pregnancy. Beyond being ineffective, it also peddles myths about female virginity being precious or "a gift.

The quality of sex ed is so bad, teens are taking for into their own hands.

This new sex ed series for adults is funny, sexy, and actually educational. - Upworthy

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Is sex education adequately serving teens?

Let's face it: Sex education in America is Universal Orlando employee fired for flashing a hate symbol in a photo with a biracial child. Well, unfortunately, it's been co-opted by white supremacists to secretly signal their hate. Keep Reading Show less. Get stories worth sharing delivered to your inbox.

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