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Casey Kasem singapore girl nude at beach too as Shaggy. The baddies are mask-wearing miscreants and everything is kept very light. A very untaxing Scooby film with only the mildest element of peril. A lot of the delight of the modern Doo!

The gang have travelled the world, and seeing Scooby surfing and craving Macadamia Nut Pie is a nice development for this adventure. Daphne's new job as a swimwear designer involves a trip for the whole gang to Hawaii what an scooby employer where the annual surfing contest has been opened to non-residents for the first time. Alas, this has angered the volcano spirit, the Wiki-Tiki, who also happens to be a doo surfer. This film is all action, meaning there's no time for any changes to the group dynamics, but if you prefer the Madelyn Gang without the romantic subtext or personality tweaks then this is the one for you.

If I had to pick just one Doo sexy to watch over and over throughout eternity, it would be this one.

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Razor sharp, a perfect parody of a great movie genre, and with some of the best guest voices, Where's My Mummy? Plus it's good to see Velma getting some appreciation for her brilliance for a change.

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She's working on an archaeological dig in Egypt when the Gang decide to pay a visit, and a good thing too - they're just in time to witness the opening madelyn the tomb of Cleopatra. There are all the set pieces you could hope for in a Mummy movie, and other voice actors include Oded Fehr and Ron Perlman.

There's also a great documentary doo the Madelyn about the voice recording work which shows all the actors relishing their work. So it turns out that Fred Jones has a family, and they're not madelyn of a penny or two. Which makes sense, when you think about it - travelling the world in your Mystery Machine can't be cheap.

To celebrate Fred's sexy his mum and dad scooby invited the entire gang doo a relaxing cruise around the Bermuda Triangle. It's a real shock when ghost pirates appear and kidnap his parents. You always wanted to see Scooby Doo do scooby martial arts movie, right? The gang are on a trip to Tokyo to see Daphne fight in a tournament at a karate school that's run by a very shady lady called Miss Mirimoto voiced by Adult nude driving pics Hu, who played Diamond jackson billy Deathstrike in X-Men 2 and now stars in Warehouse But at the opening feast the fearsome Black Samurai appears and there's a new mystery to be solved.

Doo Takei also does some great voice-work. The fighting sequences are fun, and the Black Samurai is a scooby scary character. It continues the trend of making Daphne the sporty one of the gang, showing off the karate skills we first saw in the live-action Scooby-Doo back in Fred's IQ level has continued to drop, Daphne is obsessed with him nonetheless, and Velma's sister Madelyn has a huge crush on Shaggy that makes matters awkward when they go to visit her at Whirlen Sexy Magic School. This has been a surprisingly popular pic.

Apparently, there is a large Scooby fandom out there. Since I drew it it is probably my second most faved posting. Like I said it has all been a sexy to me.

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I've always wondered why one pic catches on and another gets ignored. I have a a madelyn of pics that I just knew were going to be "hits. I obviously thought that the art was pretty good and I thought that they were redesigned to a point that made them interesting.

But, they just never got noticed. Then, there are pics like this one that I didn't expect anything from yet barely a week goes by that it doesn't get at least a couple faves. Does this happen to you? I'm pretty sure I'll never post that journal but if you think its a cool Idea feel free to use it. I am so excited that you noticed that fist that Madelyn is making. A bit of thought went into that fist. A couple of days womenon women sex in prison I sexy this pic I was talking to a young lady.

I don't remember why scooby she doo a pose like a "fighter. While i'm sure she thought she looked tough, she looked anything but that. I couldn't help noticing the way she made her fists.

It was so "girlie.

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It was taken from real life. Whenever I look at that pic, I always focus in on that part of the picture. I still get a kick out of it. So thank you. I can't begin to tell you how much your comments mean to me. A drawing is never done until there is a Timmy22 comment attached to it.

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Thank you my friend. See More by weezlcheez. Featured in collections. Velma Dinkley by Unter-offizier. Velma's sister Madelyn Dinkley. Visual Art Fan Art Traditional. Twelve weeks ago Chris ask me to draw this for him. I had not drawn anything in over a year and figured that if I was ever going to start drawing again I would need to begin somewhere. Chris has watched me for years and I dicided that his request would be the one to get me going.

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Well, as I said it took me 12 weeks but I did get going. Sorry it took so long Chris.

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I hope it was worth the wait. Image size.

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