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Teen Shares Sexting Story, Tells Parents 'Don't Be Naive'

He may be sending hundreds of text messages or showing up at work, threatening friends and family.

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Can a prenup for sex tapes keep you safe? So preserve the picture evidence to help prosecute a larger harassment case, even in states that don't have laws against nonconsensual porn sharing. At least 12 states have civil laws that pertain specifically to nonconsensual image sharing.

But a victim probably could sue, in all states, for the intentional infliction of emotional distress, Goldberg said. The 'revenge porn' victory we need. One high-profile example? If you took the image yourself, you own the copyright. That gives you the ability to force other sites, like dedicated revenge porn groups, to take down these pictures through what is known as a DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice. Nevertheless, as the school exercised its discretion to report the incident to the police it was recorded as a crime.

How To Safely Send Your Nudes

While the school says pupils were informed that this was their policythe boy in question says he was not aware of this, nor of the consequences of admitting his actions — something he did with police present and without any form of adult representation.

This case also raises questions girls the scope of offences involving the making and distribution of sexual or intimate images. In particular, how a provision in the Protection of Children Act regarding child pornography, designed to protect children, is being used to criminalise them.

The problem is that the naked captures incidents that may not be harmful, and distorts the kinds of harm caused in particular circumstances.

Teenage sexting is not a problem because it involves naked images of minors. It is a problem when the sharing of sexual images is used in an abusive way. In this case, for example, if the boy sent the pictures with the intention of causing distress, not an act of harassment, then this would legal harm. Money Deals. The Independent Books. Voucher Codes.

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Facebook faces legal action over naked picture of year-old girl | The Independent

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Criminal ‘sexting’?

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