Naked women of prague

Events for week of 30 September, 2019

The waitresses are regular women and there is nothing erotic about these events. But although they are considered perfectly normal, they are seen less and less. However it is places like these that show the open attitude that Czechs have about nudity. While in some countries being naked may have a different connotation, in the Czech Republic it is considered something natural.

Czechs are clearly not bothered by nudity!

This mindset is instilled in Czechs from an early age. In pre-school and kindergarten children use a co-ed bathroom without stalls. By seeing naked bodies in normal settings they grow up to be unashamed and accepting nakedness as a normal part of life. This open attitude is one of the many great things that you can learn about Czechs if you look beyond the clothed surface — quite literally in this case.

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Contact Advertise on PTV. TV Video. TV TV Foto: Visitors to the show must follow strict rules. They are allowed to take pictures, but must not use video-cameras.

The previous Voayer exhibition in Slovakia lasted 12 hours and welcomed people. The Prague show will last 18 hours in total divided into three days.

The Exhibition of Real Naked Women in Prague

A total of people can see the exhibition, up to at once in one tour. Women can spend maximally 1. They will get gloves in which they can naked selected models softly or caress them. If a woman visiting the exhibitions wants to get undressed, too, the organisers will enable it upon an agreement.

More women than men visited the first show in Slovakia, while men prevailed in the first tour in Prague on Thursday, Petreje said. The exhibition also offers tools for the BDSM erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission. Jana Smiggels Kavkova, director of the Czech Women's Lobby, said she had no problems with the exhibition. I have no problem with such an event for a specific audience. It always depends on the context," she told CTK. Prague lasted only 18 hours, during which more than 1, visitors came to see it.

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If you missed it last year, you definitely shouldn't this year! This time, the women will last 5 days and every day 13 new models will reveal their naked bodies in different positions. You can view all of them and some can even be touched. So if you visit the exhibition on each of the 5 days, you prague see 65 naked women in total! He photographs, among other things, the female orgasm orgasmic portraitsusing a process called ambrotype, which was used in the second half of the 19th Naked.

Simply put, light is reflected on glass in an under-exposed whitish negative, and the image therefore looks like the positive on a dark background. Although this is a unique method, we believe that you will appreciate the motif in the photos more than the technique!