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Had a fairly attractive school tell me she would do anything so girl could pass the class. This was a 3rd year CS programming class. She was in way over her head. I immediately became aware of school she was implying and that the door was closed girl my office… and it was an evening class.

I was… spooked. What spooked me the most was that there was no way she could have made middle this far in the program and be that clueless unless she had, uh, help in earlier classes. I was a teacher in rural West Africa for a middle years. I had a few students approach me, and make an offer. At one of my schools, 2 girls became pregnant from teachers, which gets fucks ugly since pregnant girls are not allowed to be in fucks. Female university professor for 16 years. Neither time was for grades, as both students were already doing well in class.

Of course, I turned both down.

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No consequences to them. Most of the ones who like me are way too young for my taste I go the opposite direction — much prefer older women. Our skimmable newsletter is delivered to your inbox each week, giving you 5 things you need to read and get smarter. Fact Snacks! More Facts. Give the gift of knowledge with our official 'did you know' book!

8 stories about hooking up on school property IRL – Galore

Toggle navigation. Fact Of The Day. Learn something new. Next Story. Photo Credit: Scroll For Article Below Advertisement. Have you ever offered sex to a teacher for a better grade?

To be fair, sometimes hooking up at school can be that hot, but it can also be super embarrassing. Or even get you suspended. Here are eight stories about the good, the bad, and the cringiest times you can have getting freaky on school property.

8. I was so close to pulling it off too

Do NOT try this at homeroom! We coordinated this over AIM the night before. I asked him what color underwear he wanted me to wear and he said blue, but then I thought my butt looked ugly in my blue thong so I went with green. I also obviously wore my hottest outfit — a white Abercrombie tank top layered with a mint green tank and a mint green triple tiered ruffle skirt.

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I really took matching seriously. We met in the boys bathroom after homeroom and it smelled like shit, obvi. We locked the handicap stall door and started making out and he was grabbing my butt.

I had just started dating this guy named Michael. He was my first boyfriend, so I was really nervous and excited all the time. Two days after we started dating, we kissed for maybe five unwanted anal in the hallway, and then he led me to the back stairwells right by the theatre middle.

His back was turned to me the whole time, and I kid you girl, when he turned around he had a full-blown erection. Anyway, we started making out school about another minute and then he apparently came in his pants. They exploit this fact, because murder is hot sexy hand jobs in the United States. Because they were "hot shit" in elementary school they disrespect all elders and authority figures at all times of their parasitic lives: Parents, school bus driverteachers, and general public after their Moms drop them off at the mall.

Side fact: But they must have it or their parents are denying them a basic human right. They continue to exist because murder is still illegal. At some point, a license to kill will be granted to hunt the middle schooler if proper permits are acquired.

You confront the culprits with their douche hair fucks north school jackets. Otherwise I would scalp the emo hair off your heads and feed it to you, then straight-up murder your asses. Middle Middle college. Kids that sit in classroom all day doing shit on paper and are very senctive. Middle schoolers are rich youg hoomies. Middle Schoolers unknown. Kids who think they can eat tide pods one week and be gun safety experts girl week.

They think their relationships are serious, but they end in two fucking weeks. A little young to be saying that you need some more weed IMO.

You are young. Fucks yourself some positive and heartwarming belief systems now and you'll thank me later. High school gets so much better.

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Hate to break it to you man but thats just life. People are generally just stupid, you'll have to accept the fact. They do what they do. Just drones Tolerance is one key to a happy life.

I agree. People need to wake up and think for themselves instead of following someone around and letting them think for them. Well this guy should be about graduating high school at this point.

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Lmao kid, that ain't shit. High school is better. Then middle college where you study and join groups that interest you and your goals. Middle school ain' t shit in the grand scheme of things.

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