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Video clips. Friday, March 1, How to give a woman an orgasm. And Carly does nothing about it. So after Freddie spends the whole episode trying to hide it from his mom as hard as possible, near the very end, Mrs. Benson sees it, and gets mad. Once again, Carly says nothing to back him up.

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After Mrs. Benson angrily takes Freddie to get it removed, we find out that the tattoo Sam's cousin made was temporary. I know I wasn't the only one who wanted to punch Sam in the face after that. Kashima Kitty: The episode that did it for me was the one where one of Carly's teachers had just broken up with her boyfriend.

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The students watch her lie on top of her desk, sobbing hysterically. When Carly goes up porni console her, said teacher snaps and starts being a huge Jerkass toward her students. After Spencer goes to talk to her, the two end up dating, and we start seeing just WHY her boyfriend broke up with her abusive, controlling self, while she lets her students slack off. Carly and co come up with a plan to bajed a stop to it, involving their webshow.

I expected something heartwarming like, they would get her ex-boyfriend to watch the show and have her talk about how much she misses him. I was watching the wrong show. Instead, they get her to mention that she downloaded mp3s off the internet, and get the police to watch, thus having her arrested.

I have to bajed that Carly's teacher was porni a Jerkassand that she didn't really deserve to have a boyfriend because she was basically just a terrible person. However, the fact that she's making Carly, Sam, and Freddie, her students, do physical labor such as jumping jacks and washing her car just seems so unrealistic to me. Didn't they say in "iGot Detention" that the principal doesn't approve of physical punishments?

They could've just gone to the principal and told him about what was going on, but instead they try to take matters into their own hands and end up making naked black girl boobies situation much worse, like they do in practically every episode.

Freddie says that he doesn't think Fred's videos are very funny. Not bad. Not terrible. Not "Fred should stop", cam "not that funny". Fred sees this and tells the world that he's not going to make any more videos because of what Freddie icarly. Freddie is immediately ostracised by everyone, including everyone at school and his school groups, his family and Sam, while nobody — not even on the internet — seems to be relieved that Fred's gone because, you know, the entire world population just loves Fred so much.

Not even Carly stands by him. When the trio go to Fred's house to confront him in a high tree houseFreddie refuses to take back what he said. Sam then picks up a tennis racquet, takes Freddie into a room off-camera, icarly proceeds to beat him to a pulp with the racquet, to the point where she breaks it on him.

Under threat of more beatings, Freddie finally takes back what he said. At this point, it's revealed that Fred didn't even care about what was cam it was all a ploy to get more viewers. Sam then throws Freddie out of the tree house.

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The apparent moral of this story? In addition, nobody gets mad at Fred! Before they found out that Fred was lying, nobody stopped and said "Fred's being overdramatic" or "He needs to chill; it's just porni bad review". When porni admits to lying, no one gets mad at him for it. Luna Veg The fact that this episode was another Freddie Torture Porn isn't what gets me the most one of the reasons I generally dislike cam show in general is that it uses one of my least favorite tropes as a substitute for good character writing and instead as a Take That!

What really annoys me is the purpose of the torture. Everyone in the entire world turns on Freddie just because he says he thinks Fred is not that icarly which is a much more generous criticism than a lot of online personalities tend to get, regardless of their overall popularityand the kid is beaten with a tennis racket by Sam later until he takes back his opinion.

So really, the only point of the Freddie torture was just to make Fred look good even that gets undermined when Fred or Lucas Cruikshank admits to just faking his Rage Quit just for publicity.

Really, it backfires all-around. What always got me about this episode is the fact porni in Real LifeFred is pretty much the Justin Bieber icarly the web comedy circuit: Why Fred and Lucas Cruikshank is depicted as an all-loved, wonderful, Cam Mao-like cult bajed personality is beyond me. I mean, at least Freddie didn't say Fred should consider killing himself or other unpleasant things — as many, many, many people on Bajed say every day.

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