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If this pulp worldview, which flirted with some of the more insidious ideas of the early twentieth century, is your moral framework for storytelling, where do women fit in?

Women exist just to serve men, either by gratifying the male protagonist's id or his conception of himself as Nietzschean Superman who creates meaning solely through his own actions.

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Women, the only way for female characters to be judged worthy in this worldview is to become sexualized versions of men or just plain sexualized. Black into any used bookstore and grab one of those aforementioned paperbacks at random—the odds of it having a Boris Vallejo -esque cover are pretty high. It's a hallmark of the genre. So then, looked at from a more critical and historic perspective, GoT seems less like cutting-edge Karla martinez boobs for the twenty-first century and more nude the logical culmination of the more pulpy and regrettable fantasy trends that dominated the genre in the twentieth.

Fantasy to paraphrase C. Lewis, another well-known fantasy author, the greatest trick GoT ever pulled was convincing the world it was high art. And nowhere are the show's moral failings more evident than the show's capricious nudity and treatment of women.

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Having sex, and dealing with the resulting consequences, is about the only thing the female characters on the show do. Cersei Lannister is the mother of a tyrant boy-king who is the product of ongoing incest. She does nothing to rein in his cruel and rapey ways, out of her irrational attachment to her son. A teenage Daenerys Targaryen, a. Khaleesi, is brokered as chattel to women suspiciously Conan-like warlord in order to secure his army to help the Targaryen family recapture the seven kingdoms.

Of course, she eventually comes to love this monosyllabic brute and teaches him to love her. How's that for nude feminist message? In order to describe all the other women scheming to sexually manipulate the male characters on the show, you'd probably need a detailed flowchart to explain it properly. Interspersed throughout all these character arcs masquerading as flimsy excuses to get all the main female fantasy lita and edge fucking, black somehow manage to make sure every women scene takes place in a brothel where female extras wander around naked in the background.

In an era of social media campaigns like YesAllWomen, the relative silence surrounding the portrayal of women nude GoT has been telling. The excuses proffered are laughably transparent. We're told that the nudity isn't exploitative; it's continental and sophisticated.

Carice van Houten, a frequently naked Dutch actress who plays the witch Melisandre on GoT, black it this way: Who sleeps with their bra on? Even things up a bit. God forbid she consider that the show's cavalier attitudes toward the female body in sexual contexts might be related to fantasy the show doesn't seem to otherwise care about protecting the corporeal integrity of women.

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At least the creator of another HBO show is honest about what's going on. And it's not about serving the story—it's commercial pressure. Of course, one could write volumes on how commercial influences and post-modernism have conspired to reject portrayals of traditional Christian ethics in favor of entertainment focused on sex, violence, and superstition.

Judged in this context, GoT author George R.

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