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Customyzing your beyblade is cool but the game is boring and confusing. Beyblade doesn't really work as a fighting game, so I don't think this game is all that great.

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Download play is kind of boring you can only Beyblade doesn't really work as a fighting game, so I don't think this game is all that great. Download play is kind of boring you can only use two Beyblades and arcade mode kind of falls flat. The Beyblade customization option is pretty cool, though. This review contains spoilersclick expand to view.

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Ah, childhood games. Looking back at Beyblade: Metal Masters for the DS, it was a game I could pick up and play endlessly.

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But, with a critical eye now, I realize just how The narrative for this game is pretty simple: Your chosen character gets invited to a Beyblade tournament in a totally-not-suspicious abandoned arena.

You battle with the chosen character and the two allies you chose against other teams of three, fight the bad guy unfortunately pitifully easy and done.

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That is quite literally it, nothing else to explain for the narrative. Metal Masters is an action sports role-playing video game that was released back in for the Nintendo DS NDS handheld gaming system. Also known as Metal Fight Beyblade: Showdown at the Summit! Big Bang Bladers, and also Beyblade: In this game, the player must select a Blader to battle and fight in four rounds.

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The player must win at least twice per opponent to win and proceed to the next round. Will you be able to become the next champion of the new tournament? Good luck and have fun! Reoone VS Akuira " Japanese: Sekai Taikai " Japanese: The Cage Match" Transcription: Kanaami Desumacchi! Wang Hu Zhong" Transcription: Wanfuujon " Japanese: On The Edge" Transcription: Toruneedo Batoru " Japanese: Ray Gil! Rei Giru! Byxis" Transcription: Befall" Transcription: Kerbecs" Transcription: Gingka vs. Throw down the gauntlet and prepare for an all-new battle in Beyblade: This time, the action is more intense than ever before as you fight to prove your mettle when it comes to Metal.

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All the action from the addictive Beyblade TV series bursts into life as you find yourself in fierce competition against some of the most infamous characters from the arena.

Assume the role of one of 36 different Beyblade fighters and step up to the challenge, utilizing combos and special moves to devastate your opponents. Pick off your rivals one by one as you climb through various Battle modes, then throw in some fresh challenges by changing the settings.

Settle the score and find out which of your friends truly is the Metal Master by dueling it out in a 2-player Battle Mode via wireless.

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